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Improving health, one wellness program at a time
See how Healthy Contributions helps employers, health insurers and partners engage and activate members to participate in wellness programs and reward healthy behaviors to change lives for better health.
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Making it easy to live a healthy lifestyle
No other provider combines both wellness and data expertise, resulting in superior solutions that help people live healthier lives.
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In processed, secure funds reimbursements
Wellness solutions for Everyone
Healthy Contributions has helped over 20,000+ fitness facilities and wellness partners create, implement, and sustain wellness programs that help people live healthier lives.
Fitness Partners
Let Healthy Contributions help manage the multiple fitness incentive programs that reward you and your members, through our user-friendly online portal.
Healthy Contributions has the flexibility to customize a wellness program that achieves your organization’s wellness and budget goals.
Manage your program safely with Healthy Contribution’s proprietary, secure, and HIPAA-compliant system.
Enroll in your employer’s and/or insurance provider’s wellness program today and start the journey to a healthier you.
What sets
Healthy Contributions apart

Optum has worked with Healthy Contributions since 2010 to serve as a payment processor for our network locations. The Healthy Contributions team that supports us has been flexible and reliable as our products have evolved and grown. They have enhanced their platform based on our business needs and from direct gym and fitness location feedback. I have had the pleasure of working closely with many of the support staff and they have been true partners that are responsive, kind, and dependable.
Vince Pozinski
Sr. Product Director at Optum
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Your wellness journey with Healthy Contributions is designed to be your way
Everyone’s wellness journey is different, and our Healthy Contributions Customer Support is with you 24/7. Our goal is to ensure no wellness goal is left unattained or questions left unanswered. If at any time you have questions, need platform help or additional information, contact our Healthy Contributions Customer Support team at any time.
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